What Sparks the Light in You?


Oprah asks "What Sparks the Light In You? " Good question!

What sparks the light in me is Conscious Living and supporting women's economic empowerment.

T-shirts, they are my 'go to' choice for their comfort, versatility and ease of care. It is important to me that they have a comfortable, flattering fit, are ethically made from organic cotton. T shirts are a great way for like minded people to connect and make a statement.

When you purchase a T-shirt from Wear Your Wisdom not only are you are purchasing a great fitting, high quality organic cotton T-shirt, you are supporting the environment, women and girls, and fair labour practices. It is a Win, Win, Win proposition! Wear Your Wisdom's T-shirts are the perfect choice for the conscious consumer!

We believe in striving to be a part of the good in the world and that kindness is always in style.

Wear Your Wisdom has partnered with The Canadian Women's Foundation, an established and well respected Canadian organization, to empower women and raise them out of poverty so they can live the life they choose.

Let's use our wisdom to make mindful purchasing decisions by choosing quality, Canadian, organic cotton T-shirts made with a social, ethical and environmental conscience.

Let's live consciously and Be The Good in the world.


Let’s live consciously and think about our environmental impact.


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