What Sparks the Light in You?


Oprah asks "What Sparks the Light In You? " Good question!

What sparks the light in me is Mindful Living and protecting our environment.

I am growing more and more concerned about the impact we humans are having on planet earth. . . . is what we refer to as "progress" really progress? It's looking a lot more like destruction to me. Many of us are looking back at simpler times and thinking that how people lived then made a lot more sense than how we live today.  Convenience comes at a price and the our environment is paying dearly.

T shirts are a great way for like minded people to connect and make a statement. They are my 'go to' choice for their comfort, versatility and ease of care. It is important to me that they have a comfortable, flattering fit, are ethically made from organic cotton.

When you purchase a T-shirt from Wear Your Wisdom not only are you are purchasing a great fitting, high quality organic cotton T-shirt, you are supporting our environment,  our oceans and fair labour practices. It is a Win, Win proposition!

Wear Your Wisdom's organic cotton T-shirts and tote bags are the perfect choice for the conscious consumer!

I believe in striving to be the good in the world and that kindness is always in style.

Let's live mindfully and Be The Good in the world. A great place to start is by REFUSING Single Use PLASTICS.

Cathie - Environmentalist

“Small changes can make a BIG difference - REFUSE Plastics”

*We contribute to the protection and conservation of our world's oceans through


Let’s live mindfully and consider our environmental impact.
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