June 5th is World Environment Day!

Let's Beat Plastic Pollution.  If you can't reuse it, refuse it!

Here are a few simple ways we can all help eliminate plastics and reduce our carbon footprint by saying no to single use plastics and replacing them with reusable options. It takes a little extra effort at first but soon becomes a way of life.

For me, saying no to plastic shopping bags was the easiest place to start. I carry bags in my vehicle and purse at all times. Next on my list is refusing plastic beverage bottles and disposable coffee cups. This is proving to be a little more challenging but "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step." 



The European Commission Proposes a ban on single use plastics. 

FREE Tote Bag Offer

It's that time of year again!  Farmer's Markets are starting up again in a neighbourhood near you.  This is a great opportunity to feed yourself and those you love fresh, healthy food from local farms.

A trip to the Farmer's Market makes for an enjoyable and educational family outing.

We'd like to encourage you to say "NO THANKS" to plastic shopping bags and instead arrive prepared with your own Organic Cotton Tote Bags, preferably from Wear Your Wisdom!  Our bags are well made, light weight yet sturdy, and fully washable.  They are available on our website for $24.95 CAD and as a FREE gift with purchase if you spend $49 CAD, up until June 30, 2017

Have you ever wondered where all those plastic shopping bags go? 

There are plenty of photos on the internet that answer that question.

Thank you for choosing to be a conscious consumer.  It is in our collective best interest.





Fundraiser Event

Our 3rd MarketPlace Artisan Fair took place on Saturday in our Ocean Park community hall.  Once again we raised money for the Canadian Women's Foundation to help raise Canadian women and girls out of poverty and domestic violence.

We are so grateful to our friends and family who volunteered to make this possible and to all of the generous support from our local community and talented artisans.

Thank you so much!