This event takes place once a year, for ONE DAY ONLY in October. 
A friend and I  host this event as a fundraiser for my charity, The Canadian Women's Foundation and her charity, B.C. Guide Dogs. Admission is by donation and we run a concession. These proceeds are split between our two charities. 
Our Artisan Fair offers an eclectic mix of tasteful home and personal accessories from a variety of talented local artists and artisans.  Everything is handmade.
2014 was our first event, it was such a success because our artisans are top notch and the beloved venue is in the heart of our beautiful and generous community of Ocean Park, South Surrey, BC. This year we have added a Food Truck to the mix to make it an even better experience.
We look forward to you joining us this October 3rd 10-4 for another successful fair.



It is the start of a new year! For me, this means HOPE. Hope for the endless, wonderful possibilities that I perceive to be in store for all of us..... I am a self proclaimed eternal optimist!

I love mornings because they, like the new year, fill me with hope for what lies ahead, a reason to get up and start my day. When parents name their daughter HOPE,  imagine the joy, the optimism, the possibility of promise, the love, that parents bestow upon their baby girl. What a beautiful choice.

What would life be like without HOPE? It is not something we ever want to lose.  I think it would be a good word to put on a T-Shirt and have some conversation about, you?  

Wishing all a Happy, Hopeful, 2015







How Wear Your Wisdom came to be

Wear Your Wisdom is an concept that has been in the works for about five years. My sons were in high school when I realized that it was only a matter of time before my job as chauffeur and chief cook and bottle washer would become redundant. I would be "Let Go" so to speak. 

Right....then this would be "My Time",  an opportunity to pursue my passions.  Hmmm, after so many years of my family being my passion, I had forgotten exactly what my passions were.  I knew I liked being creative, selling online, and being environmentally responsible. Over the years  I had come to realize that  women and girls are the largest oppressed  group on the planet.  There are many reasons for this: cultural, religious, physical, complacency, ignorance, ego, power, but for me the biggie is financial.  Where there is money, there is power and freedom of choice.  Most women have neither. 

Five years ago I could not find asupplier I could trust to consistently deliver a high quality product. I was looking for a North American manufacturer to ensure my T-shirts were ethically made and it was important to me that the the T-Shirts be made from 100% organic cotton. These two conditions would minimize environmental impact. I was so happy to discover Me to We Style, what an incredible Canadian company! 

The other important component to me was to create awareness that the economic empowerment of women is important.  Rather than start my own,  I looked for an organization that empowered women and girls through their programmes. The Canadian Women's Foundation supports  women and girls and provides them with the skills they need to become self sufficient.  I donate to them monthly on a personal level and hope to be able raise money through the sale of my T-Shirts to support them even more. 

Finally, it all came together and here we are.  An organization with a conscience that supports Women's Economic Empowerment.

I know this will be an interesting and challenging journey and I embrace it!