There are so many great resources available to us to help us be smarter with our money.  This is only a smattering, but they all offer some really good tips that we can all put into practice. Personally, I prefer to be mentored by other women, David Bach being my one exception because I have really enjoyed his books. Feel free to pass on any recommendations you have so that we can share them!

Check out:

1.  The Smart Cookies books and website.  You can sign up for their free daily newsletter. (Canadians, yeah!) 

2.  David Bach, the author of 'Smart Women Finish Rich' and many more great books. (American)

    Try his Latte Factor calculator, you will be amazed at how much those little purchases add up over time!

3.  Gail Vaz-Oxlade is another great Canadian resource for financial advice.

4.  Suze Orman, she went from waitress to Financial Guru....what a bio. I love her dynamic, take no                                           

     prisoners approach. She is so inspiring! (American)

So much of what they all preach is common sense. "LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS, NOT WITHIN YOUR DREAMS" Suze Orman

Optimizing the financial resources that we have, and finding ways to build upon them, will empower us.

Empower women and you will see a decrease in poverty, illiteracy, disease and violence"
Michaelle Jean, Governor General of Canada 2006