Like many women, T-shirts are my "go to" choice for their comfort, versatility and ease of care. 

T-Shirts are often used as a vehicle to make a statement.

Here are four ways you show your wisdom when you choose to purchase our T-shirts.

By purchasing our T-shirts you can feel proud that you are:

  1. Supporting economic empowerment of Canadian women and the building of self worth in women and girls through the CANADIAN WOMEN'S FOUNDATION. Staying out of poverty helps to maintain women's independence.
  2. Being environmentally responsible; by choosing organically grown cotton you are making THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH and THE ENVIRONMENT . 
  3. Employing Canadians and supporting fair labour practices.
  4. Bonus!...You are also supporting our awesome supplier, Me to We Style,  and their charity Free The Children. Plus when we buy a Tee, they plant a tree!

It is a WIN, WIN, WIN.... WIN proposition!

Your dollars do make a difference.

Thank you.